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Activists go after businesses for website ADA violations

Tundis is one of 175 business owners sued by Emily Fuller, of Broward County, a visually-impaired woman holding businesses accountable if they have websites that are not ADA compliant. Fuller, in her lawsuit filed Jan. 4, claims that she was not able to use the recently launched website of Tundis' shoe store.
-- News10 ABC

We tend to put a lot of thought into the visual design of websites, without much consideration for the hearing or visually impaired user. I think this blog is okay - probably a bit better than most websites, since the Tiny Framework theme incorporates screen reader tags and proper semantics, but when I look at something like Lighthouse for the Blind, I know it's probably not ideal.

Is accessibility something you consider, when it comes to your website? I know the WordPress team took it up, three years ago. I'm not sure how much that has moved the needle, however.

-- Scrib