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Google’s Waymo risks repeating Silicon Valley’s most famous blunder

Timothy B. Lee at Ars Technica compares the early PARC innovations in personal computer technology to Google's autonomous vehicle group, Waymo.

By 1975, PARC had produced a futuristic personal computer called the Alto. It had a bitmapped display, a mouse, and a graphical user interface. Xerox researchers developed a word processor with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface. Now-standard operations like "cut," "paste," and "undo" were pioneered by PARC researchers, and the Alto had powerful networking capabilities.

It's a really informative piece - not just the cool Silicon Valley history, but also some ideas on what Google needs to do, in order to bring autonomous to market. Because at the end of the day, innovation for innovation's sake is not really innovation.

-- Scrib