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The Unexpected Cultural Benefit of Fortnite

Griezmann L Celebration
Like 40 million other players around the world, my 14-year old and his “crew” are into Fortnite. As soon as they get home from school or a sporting event, they’re all online battling other teams or each other, in digital make-believe. I’d like to say that I don’t understand it, but that would be a lie. In my day it was the id Software games; Doom and Castle Wolfenstein. But in my day our characters didn’t dance.

Make no mistake about it, my boy and his friends are about the nerdiest group of kids that you’re going to find, but thanks to Fortnite these kids have moves! I don’t know what all of these dances (called “emotes” in Fortnite) are called, but these kids can randomly dab, running man, floss and just generally look like they know what they’re doing on the dance floor. He’s light years ahead of his dad! All we ever had to Flash Dance and Footloose, but it’s not like those movies motivated us enough to actually learn the dances.

Who would have thought that an FPS game could teach an entire generation of tweens and teens to dance? Epic Games has set a new bar in game play. Perhaps their next big hit will teach the kids calculus? English literature?