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The people’s web

If we're going to build a new web, and a new internet, that respects our privacy and security, that doesn't amplify abuse and harassment and misinformation, we're going to need to imagine models of experiences and communities that could provide a better alternative. There's not going to be a "Facebook killer". But there could simply be lots of other sites, that focus on a different, more constructive and generative, set of goals.
-- Anil Dash, The People's Web

The Internet (and cryptocurrencies) were born of decentralization. Big tech has chipped-away at decentralization with business models based on proprietary ecosystems, to capture eyeballs. They even invented metrics to measure their success; Average Revenue Per User, Monetizable Daily Active Users, etc.

Centralization is the antithesis of the Internet, and it is a distortion that cannot survive. There is too much power, intelligence and value in decentralization for these big-tech ecosystems to survive (in their current states). Bring on 2020!

-- Scrib