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Enhance sanitation
Make face masks mandatory
Put more space between passengers
Test passengers before boarding
-- Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, Forbes

I think every business is going to be operating that way, at least initially. Our office in Silicon Valley just went to mandatory masks this week, by order of the county. For the airlines (and hotels, rental cars, etc.) though, demand for their services is simply non-existent. I've had an April conference in Raleigh rescheduled to June, then cancelled completely, and of course all of my travel to the office in Silicon Valley is cancelled at least through June. The current consensus seems to be "if you can work from home, work from home" which enhances distancing in the office. Amazon in the Seattle area is working from home through October. Vacation travel is also non-existent, with Las Vegas and the major theme parks all closed and a 14-day quarantine for travelers arriving in Hawaii.

-- Scrib

Congress is sounding the alarm after early data from researchers in California who "tested the tests" showed troublingly high rates of false results. One in 3 antibody tests they analyzed produced false positives more than 10 percent of the time.
-- Josh Lederman, NBC News

A test of 200 people just outside Boston found that 32% had been exposed to the coronavirus
Coronavirus antibody testing finds Bay Area infections may be 85 times higher than reported
1 in 5 New Yorkers May Have Had Covid-19, Antibody Tests Suggest
Antibody test study results suggest COVID-19 cases likely much higher than reported

The answer is that the PPP language had a carveout for restaurants and hotels regardless of their number of employees. The National Restaurant Association supported and lobbied for that exemption. Potbelly and Shake Shack each got a $10 million PPP loan thanks to the exemption. Ruth’s Chris got $20 million, even though the loans were capped at $10 million, by applying for two subsidiaries.
-- Daniel Roberts, Yahoo Finance

The Transportation Security Administration screened 94,931 people on Wednesday, a drop of 96% from a year ago and the second straight day under 100,000. Historical daily numbers only go back so far, but the nation last averaged fewer than 100,000 passengers a day in 1954, according to figures from trade group Airlines for America.
-- Las Vegas Sun

As of 2018, state pension funds had on average invested 74 percent of their money in what Mr. Biggs called risky assets, including stocks, private equities, hedge funds and commodities. That was up from 69 percent in 2010, after the 2008 shock, and from 61 percent in 2001, when economists first began challenging the way public pensions operate.
-- Mary Williams Walsh, NYT