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8 June, 2019: Why Free Is Too High a Price for Facebook and Google

9 June, 2019: Google Made $4.7 Billion From the News Industry in 2018, Study Says

11 June, 2019: House kicks off antitrust probe into tech giants

What are the odds that The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times would publish a major anti-Silicon Valley story, the Sunday before the House Judiciary Committee begins hearings on Silicon Valley's anti-competitive practices?

Union Sues Over Approval of 1,000-Unit Silicon Valley Housing Project, Arguing Building's Shiny Windows Will Kill Too Many Birds --

To stop a virus, California has euthanized more than 1.2 million birds. -- LA Times

These tortoise-killing ravens are so smart, scientists must use drones to stop them -- LA Times

159 murdered birds: Here’s how wildlife crime sleuths solved one of California’s most baffling poaching cases -- Mercury News

California birds recovering after passing out from a prescription pill overdose -- ABC 57

Margaret O’Mara had a great piece in the NYT yesterday, about the history of Silicon Valley and its roots in the defense industrial complex. People not familiar with the area tend to think that Silicon Valley started with the tech boom, in the 1990's.

Defense contracts during and after World War II turned Silicon Valley from a somnolent landscape of fruit orchards into a hub of electronics production and innovations ranging from mainframes to microprocessors to the internet.

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Who Will Save Us From the Silicon Valley City-States is a Silicon Valley hit-piece by NY'er Pete Tosiello who opens his article with this gem;

Zuckerberg, one of the world’s most powerful men in terms of money, data, and access to eyes and ears, stating under oath that he had virtually no idea how his $590 billion company made money, much less how it had compromised democracy and inadvertently undercut entire industries.

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