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Amazon’s revenue from advertising has skyrocketed because endemic advertisers (brands that sell products on Amazon and buy ads on Amazon) have grown their Amazon ad budgets significantly over the past two years, and nonendemic advertisers (brands that don’t sell products on Amazon but buy ads using Amazon’s ad stack) are finding value in using Amazon’s rich behavioral and purchase-level data for more granular ad targeting.
-- Forrester's, Forbes

James Gilbert Kwarteng, of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, allegedly swindled Amazon by filling up the ordered items’ boxes with dirt and registering with the exact weight of the product. He would then receive a refund from Amazon and sell the original item
-- Henry Fernandez, FOX Business

Evidently it took a while for the local Amazon warehouse to figure out the scam, since returns tend to sit around for quite some time before they get processed. The one thing that Amazon can't innovate is bureaucracy!

-- Scrib

Certain third parties also sell products using our services and stores that may increase our exposure to product liability claims, such as if these sellers do not have sufficient protection from such claims.
-- Amazon Annual Report

The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a lower court decision that Amazon cannot be held liable for damages resulting from products sold by third-party vendors, on its marketplace.

Section 402A specifically limits strict products liability to "sellers" of products. Amazon relies on this limitation as its defense, claiming that it is not a "seller" because it merely provides an online marketplace for products sold by third-party vendors. We disagree.
-- Circuit Judge Jane Richards Roth

Section 402A is Pennsylvania law, so this ruling does not apply directly to the other 49 states, but the product liability writing is on the wall, as Amazon has previously noted in its financial reports under "Risk Factors".

Amazon Freight Services

Today, freight brokers’ and carriers’ worst nightmare has come true: Amazon has quietly taken its digital freight brokerage platform live at, and it is undercutting market prices from 26 to 33 percent.
-- John Paul Hampstead, FreightWaves

Big week for Amazon as they finally announce their transition from free 2-day shipping, to just 1-day. Also this week, they rollout their truck freight brokerage portal and from the numbers posted in the FreightWaves article, they are (of course) undercutting the market. Note to UPS and FedEX: Amazon has a fleet of 50 767 freighters that are sure to be added to that portal, in the future.

-- Scrib

It was going to happen eventually, right? Amazon can’t let Pizza Hut or Buffalo Wild Wings have all the fun. Or money. But even in the early stages of recruiting, this new move by Amazon signals the potential to further disrupt a tier of alcohol already in a bit of disarray. As wholesalers continue to consolidate and work to find efficiencies, the door has swung wide open for a company like Amazon to cause chaos. Thanks to its already sizable lobbying team and deep pockets, Amazon is at least set up to bend the ears of decision-makers.
-- Bryan Roth, Sightlines