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Bubble Stash – Hop Valley Brewing

Bubble Stash - Hop Valley Brewing

Bubble Stash has been on my regular rotation, lately, both here in Oregon and in the California Bay Area. At 6.2% ABV and 45 IBUs this is an easy-drinking IPA that sits somewhere between a session IPA and a fuller-bodied pale ale. It's a great warm weather brew and mixes well with outdoor activities.

Bubble Stash pint glass

Bubble Stash is a bit darker, almost a copper color, than lighter session IPAs. The citrus hints are there, both in the aroma and the taste, but Bubble Stash is very mellow on the citrus and actually a bit dank. In a sea of sameness, Bubble Stash has a nice unique flavor to it, which is the primary reason that it's residing in several of my refrigerators. Another reason it's on the regular rotation, though, is that it comes in cans, which are a hella-lot easier to deal with, than bottles.

-- Scrib