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Stitch Fix Review

My Stitch Fix box

On a whim I tried Stitch Fix for the first time. At work I’m a Dockers/black t-shirt/un-tucked short sleeve button-down kind of guy, and on weekends I sub-out the Dockers for a pair of Dickies cargo shorts. I was not at all familiar with Stitch Fix but I had seen photos of their clothing collections, so I was comfortable with their style, which I consider a more colorful version of what I already wear.

I created an account and chose not to do their subscription option, but only receive a new “Fix” (box-o-clothes) when I manually request one. I filled-in my clothing sizes and answered thumbs-up or thumbs-down to a series of clothing images, so they could figure out what I like. Five days later, my Fix arrived!

Stitch Fix what's in the box

Inside the box was a pair of light gray twill shorts, navy blue chinos, salmon v-neck tee, aqua blue polo, and a purple checked dress shirt. The price for the box came in at $177.62 which seemed reasonable. The chinos were $58 vs. $30 for Dockers, but the cotton feels a lot softer and thicker. Likewise, the twill shorts were $51 vs. $22 for a pair of Dickies cargos, but the Dickies are mostly polyester. The dress shirt was $37 which is comparable to an Amazon brand dress shirt that I just bought for $38.

Not to be overlooked, the box also comes with a pre-printed return shipping label on a large USPS shipping bag, so it’s easy to return anything that you don’t want. I kept everything in the box, so the $177.62 price included a 25% discount for not returning anything and likewise the $20 styling fee was waived. Note that if I would have returned just one item, I would have lost the discount and the waiver, making the clothing much less price-competitive.

Overall, I like the service. Stitch Fix challenges me with colors that I wouldn’t choose on my own, but the style is in keeping with what I wear on a regular basis.

-- Scrib