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People are getting multiple offers in a market like today, and they are not showing up on their first day of work
-- Kathryn Vasel, CNN Business

We (Silicon Valley firm) have not had anyone accept an offer, and then not show-up for work! We have had people ghost us after receiving the offer letter (heh) and several verbally accept the offer, and then ghost us. I don't know about the rest of the country, but Silicon Valley has always been a bit quirky due to the competition for engineers.

-- Scrib

This week, AT&T Inc. ’s WarnerMedia struck a deal for "The Big Bang Theory," while Netflix Inc. acquired "Seinfeld" and Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal said it would have exclusive streaming rights to "Parks and Recreation." Two other shows, "Friends" and "The Office," changed homes earlier this summer. The commitments total over $2 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.
-- Joe Flint and David Marcelis, WSJ

Gap is preparing to spin-off Old Navy into its own separate entity, and while I do love a good spin-off (they tend to outperform, after a quarter or two of woe), I am not so excited about Old Navy.

At its investor event on Thursday, Old Navy, which has about 1,200 stores, said it wants to reach 2,000 locations by opening stores, mostly in smaller, underserved markets. The company didn’t specify a timeline and said it aims to eventually hit $10 billion in annual sales. Old Navy opened 145 stores between 2016 and 2018, the company said.
-- Patrick Thomas, WSJ

Unless these new stores are parked next to a Walmart or Target, I think it is going to be increasingly expensive to get people in the door.

-- Scrib

In March, Fidelity reduced the value of the Contrafund’s WeWork stake by more than a third, according to regulatory filings. That suggested a total market value of about $18.3 billion, compared with $27.9 billion under Fidelity’s previous estimate.
-- Miles Weiss, Bloomberg

The (WeWork? WeCo? I can't keep up!) IPO is now generally thought to go public at a sub-$20 billion valuation, with a lot of $15 billion numbers being thrown around, this week. It looks like whoever bought shares from Fidelity back in March, already had this all figured out. My guess? Scott Galloway (I kid, I Kid!).

-- Scrib

Ninety percent of a turbine's parts can be recycled or sold, according to Van Vleet, but the blades, made of a tough but pliable mix of resin and fiberglass - similar to what spaceship parts are made from - are a different story. "The blades are kind of a dud because they have no value," he said.
-- Christina Stella, NPR

I've seen these blades being transported and they're huge! Think of the uses though, if you could just figure out a way to economically deconstruct them on-site. The utilities across the country would be your oyster! A few ideas off the top of my head:

  • 3D printer media
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIP Panels)
  • Composite panels for RVs and aerospace
  • Snowboards, wakeboards, water & snow skis

{whisper/} "windmill blades" {/whisper}

-- Scrib