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The implosion of media companies reminds us that affirmation can be a trap, if it leads an organization down the road of sameness. It’s good to be forward-leaning, engaged and smart but if we start chasing those kudos at the expense of differentiation, we become just another voice in a sea of sameness.

Fiber-Optic Bandwidth Results

I posted some cable screenshots in my Orbi review, but I basically went from 400 Mbps down / 12  Mbps up, on Cable (on a 400 Mbps plan) to 200 Mbps down / 200 Mbps up, on fiber-optic (on a 200 Mbps plan). I know most people don't have fiber on their street, but if you do it sure is worth it.

Chevrolet Cruze Sedan

The $11.2-billion loss includes a $826-million write-off in March from government investments in the “Old GM” before the company’s 2009 bankruptcy, the report said. The U.S. government spent $49.5 billion to bail out GM, and after the company’s bankruptcy in 2009, the government’s investment was converted to a 61 percent equity stake in the company. The Treasury gradually sold off its stock in GM, selling its last shares in December 2013.

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How much is worth, without its Medici Ventures subsidiary? Brittain Ladd doesn't offer any estimates in this Forbes piece, but he does give us a really interesting list of potential suitors for the company.

An idea I have come up with is the potential of FedEx, UPS or XPO Logistics acquiring Overstock. I conduct research on e-commerce globally and I have identified the value of large transportation companies becoming retailers.

What's interesting to me about this potential scenario is that Amazon is the best logistics company in North America. They're a great retailer because of their logistical prowess, not the other way around. Could another logistics company step into the retail space? You bet! But they better hit the ground, running.

WordPress Certified by Bitnami
Hosting a WordPress blog on Amazon Web Services is hard to beat, provided that you have a working knowledge of WinSCP and PuTTY, or the equivalent SFTP and SSH functionality on a non-Windows device. Of course, it pays to thoroughly understand the install documentation beforehand, but you can be logging into your WordPress admin page in just a few minutes.

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