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Perpetual Beer Cheese is a collaboration between Caputo Brothers Creamery, Tröegs Independent Brewing, and the Giant food stores chain, and takes a novel approach to one of key components in beer — hops — by infusing it into warm pasteurized milk like a giant tea bag.
-- Craig LaBan, Philadelphia Inquirer

Untappd users log hundreds, often thousands of time-stamped location data points. These locations are neatly sorted in over 900 categories, which can be as diverse and specific as "botanic garden." "strip club," "gay bar," "west-Ukrainian restaurant," and "airport gate." As the result of this, the app allows anyone to trace the movements of other users between sensitive locations...
-- Foeke Postma, Belligncat

I want a sense of groups, community, sweat, instead of bigger and bigger things sold to bigger and bigger markets, which is what's going on now. Any time any big corporation - whether it's Google or Facebook or any cultural organization you can think of - decides to monetize art or music or whatever; the first real buzzword they use is "community": "We love your community." And then they buy it, they brand it and they sell it back to you curated for a huge, expanded audience of people with their cellphones.
-- Laurie Anderson, NYT