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Surging Traffic Is Slowing Down Our Internet
More people at home practicing social distancing could impact internet speed
The internet is under huge strain because of the coronavirus

Anyone who has had cable internet knows that it slows down every day - at 5pm when people get home from work! During the day, cable internet is wide open and likely the only time you will ever see the actual download speed that you are paying for. Now that everybody is sequestered at home, we are just seeing during the day, what we used to see at 5pm. For those with fiber connections (vs. cable), there is no change at all. The world is not ending, and neither is the Internet.

-- Scrib

On March 26th, the TSA recorded that it screened only 203,858 passengers. On the same day a year ago, the TSA screened 2,487,162 passengers. That is a decline of over 90%. Furthermore, it represents the fewest number of passengers that the TSA has screened in the last ten years according to TSA Public Affairs spokesperson, Lisa Farbstein.
-- Jay Singh, Simple Flying

I just canceled my last two flights for later in April, this week. I do not believe that air travel is going to come roaring back and, very possibly, it may never again approach the volumes seen in 2019. Business is going to be tight for the foreseeable future, and business is going to finally get more comfortable with remote technology, because they are being forced to. It remains to be seen if and when people get over their fear of being crammed together in close spaces.

-- Scrib

The AlphaCentric Income Opportunities fund lost more than 30 per cent of its value last week owing to its heavy exposure to home loans to borrowers with lower credit scores. The fund's public filings show that at the end of 2019 - when it still had $4bn in assets — it had invested two-thirds of its portfolio in bonds backed by subprime mortgages.
-- Joe Rennison, Robert Smith and Eric Platt, Financial Times

IOFAX expenses per Yahoo Finance:

Here is a link to their 5-star rating on Morningstar. Unbelievable.

-- Scrib