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"So everything that we can see, it’s something that will be a long-term trend because people have, one, learned how to cook and, two, found they really enjoy it. And the other thing that’s special, is when families eat as a family, they stay together. The kids don’t get into as much trouble. Those kinds of things," he added. "But for us the thing that gives us the most excitement, our customers are telling us they actually enjoy it."
-- Kevin Stankiewicz, CNBC

RV'ing in general has become increasingly popular over the past few years. And that's been especially the case recently, with the coronavirus keeping people away from shared lodgings. Now, even once-secluded spots are getting less secluded, especially if it's near a cell-phone tower. Not having running water or sewer access is one thing, but apparently no one wants to be away from the Internet.
-- Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN Business

Old Toys R Us building resurrects as Wine, Beer and Spirits store

Burlington store replacing vacant Toys ’R’ Us in Somerville Circle opening next week

New career tech academy in Salem to benefit students throughout Oregon

Former Toys ‘R’ Us reopens as Havertys in Southlake

Self-Storage Proposed for Toys ‘R’ Us Building in Yorktown

Monterrey Market Plaza rises in former Toys “R” Us on 27th and Howard

Sierra Trading Post slated for Village at Maeridian, ID

They are definitely nice, big buildings that are usually in attractive locations. Ours in a Portland suburb is being remodeled into a combination Bed, Bath & Beyond and a baby store.