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After nearly 30 years as one of Fort Collins' locally owned, homegrown breweries, New Belgium Brewing Co. is being sold to a global craft beverage company with ties to Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
-- Erin Udell, Fort Collins Coloradoan

Congrats to the 300+ New Belgium employees who own the company! They still have to vote on the buyout, but I'm sure that Lion has taken that vote into consideration, and made them a sweet offer.

-- Scrib

South Dakota anti-meth marketing campaign

The interwebs are all in a tizzy over South Dakota's new anti-meth  marketing campaign, as if the goal of a marketing campaign was...not to get noticed and shared among friends? "Meth. We're on it." is brilliant, and it is a good example of why marketing is best left to the professionals. 99% of people would have rejected this campaign...the one all of America is talking about.

-- Scrib