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Who Will Save Us From the Silicon Valley City-States?

Who Will Save Us From the Silicon Valley City-States is a Silicon Valley hit-piece by NY'er Pete Tosiello who opens his article with this gem;

Zuckerberg, one of the world’s most powerful men in terms of money, data, and access to eyes and ears, stating under oath that he had virtually no idea how his $590 billion company made money, much less how it had compromised democracy and inadvertently undercut entire industries.

Zuck must have undercut NYC pizza too, because it's been shit for several decades, now. That makes about as much sense as any other industry that one could blame Facebook for "undercutting." The press has nothing to do with their own demise?

Tosiello goes on to review two books; Lucie Greene’s Silicon States: The Power and Politics of Big Tech and What It Means for Our Future, and Cary McClelland’s Silicon City: San Francisco in the Long Shadow of the Valley. Greene and McClelland are fellow NY'ers, so one can quickly see where this is going. Still, it's not enough for Tosiello:

Both purvey an authoritative treatise on public institutions’ flailing attempts to keep Silicon Valley in check, but struggle to paint a tangible future and suffer from dubious criticism of their own.

No doubt Tosiello tapped those words out on a sub-two thousand dollar Macbook over free WiFi in a Starbucks (Brooklyn Heights gentrified years ago) that he Ubered to, but perhaps that's that's not the tangible future he's waxing about. New Yorker's love to hate on Silicon Valley, but I don't see people jumping up-and-down for Michael Milken smartphones or Bernie Madoff graphics cards. Oh, and you can keep the pizza.

-- Scrib