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A New #FlagshipFebruary Campaign Aims To Save Core Beer Brands

Widmer Hefeweizen

Forbes beer writer (#dreamjob) Tara Nurin writes about setting aside the month of February to support the original beers that breweries actually make money on, so that they can keep creating the small-batch beers that we all crave, so much.

The nation’s most pioneering and influential old craft breweries, all of which built their businesses on a flagship or two, are struggling mightily – and not so successfully -- to compete in a world where a decent number of upstarts don’t even craft a core beer.

I'm down with #FlagshipFebruary, particularly in light of the original Portland breweries that have closed their doors, this past year. I'm actually not a big Hefeweizen fan, but I have to support one of Oregon's earliest craft beers - Widmer Hefe. It's truly a staple, here in Oregon, and you can pick up a six pack of Hefe at most any convenience store. It's easy to drink - a good summer beer, actually, and a good solid Hefeweizen that will make you throw stones at Blue Moon.

So what's your #FlagshipFebruary beer?

-- Scrib