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I’m doing my part to support Big Cheese

Tillamook Medium Cheddar

I couldn't find this anywhere else, so kudos to MarketWatch for bringing this major under-the-radar issue to our attention:

About 1.4 billion pounds of American, cheddar and other kinds of cheese is socked away at cold-storage warehouses across the country, the biggest stockpile since federal record-keeping began a century ago.

I totally get people throwing shade on American and processed cheese, but cheddar (good cheddar, like Oregon's own Tillamook brand) is to tacos and cheeseburgers, what Cascade and Simcoe hops are to American IPA's. You can't tell me that Americans are eating fewer tacos and cheeseburgers. Gourmet hamburger joints are approaching Starbucks density!

Since Christmas is right around the corner, I think it's every American's duty to serve a cheese log, over the holidays. I know I will be.

-- Scrib