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It was shared 15,000 times on Facebook

Dr Evil

The New York Times penned a (exhaustingly) long piece on Wednesday that was part anti-Facebook, part anti-Trump, and 100-percent hyperbole.

Mr. Trump’s call to arms — widely condemned by Democrats and some prominent Republicans — was shared more than 15,000 times on Facebook, an illustration of the site’s power to spread racist sentiment.

Only Dr. Evil would claim 15,000 shares on Facebook a really big deal.

Fortunately this is not the 20th century (or 19th - the NYT is really old) so a 10-second web search turned up The 10 Biggest Facebook Posts of 2015.

Music Crowns - Introducing SketchShe's 'Mime Through Time' - a ride through the ages!

That's #10. There are nine with more shares, likes, comments and views.

Trump - Statement on Preventing Muslim Immigration

To compare and contrast, here's the Trump post linked in the NYT article. Somehow we're supposed to believe that Facebook posts like this one, swayed the nation's elections in 2016.

Facebook deserves the grief that they're getting from the east coast politburo crowd. They were (and are) careless with their most valuable business asset (consumer information) - something that should be their most guarded possession (see Apple).