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Latest Hedge Fund Positions

CNBC's Yun Li covers a Goldman Sachs index which tracks the most popular long positions that hedge funds were taking, last quarter. The five largest holdings are no surprise - you will find these in every growth fund (though not Alibaba in U.S.-only funds): Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Alphabet and Alibaba.

The nugget is at the end of the article:

By the end of the fourth quarter, hedge funds had ramped up their bets on CVS Health as 108 out of 880 hedge funds held the drugstore chain ... Software company Red Hat also gained popularity with 83 hedge funds owning the stock, up from 42 last quarter.

It would take some cajones to make a major bet on CVS, but that's why hedge funds make the big bucks. Red Hat is flying high, of course, but new positions in the $170-$180 range means that someone really sees continued growth from the open source company - and in the face of major downgrades by everybody.

-- Scrib