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You don’t say

Stupid CNBC headline

In the second quarter, U.S. consumer debt rose 1.4%, or $192 billion, to nearly $13.9 trillion. That’s higher than the previous peak of about $12.7 trillion before the 2008 financial crisis...However, when compared with household worth, the debt is about half of what it was just before the current expansion began - 14.4% now compared with 27.4% in June 2009.
-- Jessica Bursztynsky, CNBC

Consumers do tend to buy things! A few points of sanity: The U.S. GDP in 2008 was $14.72 trillion, which was 31.7% lower than it is, today. The "scary" 9.5% growth in consumer debt is also inline with the general population growth, since 2008. I don't know what this article is trying to say. There are plenty of things to be worried about, but being too dependent on consumers is not one of them (not even sure what that means?).

-- Scrib