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S&P 500 Index Data from S&P

S&P Dow Jones Indices Page

If you're interested in tracking S&P 500 share data, like earnings, dividends, sales and book value, then you will want to head over to the S&P Dow Jones Indices page and grab the latest copy of their Index Earnings spreadsheet.

S&P 500 EPS Spreadsheet

There is tons of data in this spreadsheet - definitely a lot more than I use, or that I can cover, here. I spend most of my time on the Quarterly Data tab, which provides equivalent "per-share" data on the index, as well as the divisor, if you want to generate your own data. Of course, you only get estimates for the previous quarter until all of the components have reported (the 3/29/2019 row), but S&P keeps the spreadsheet updated on a regular basis (at least weekly, in my experience).

S&P 500 EPS Spreadsheet

Here is how I use the Quarterly Data tab, just to give you some ideas. I find that even though I'm primarily a technical trader, I really like to see where the index currently stands, with regard to traditional fundamental values like yield, P/S, P/B and P/E, compared to the previous three or four quarters.

-- Scrib