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Surely I'm not the only one who's a bit burned-out on the subscription revenue model that's been sweeping tech, for the past few years?

At its Inspire partner event earlier this year, the company said that it wanted to target "professional consumers" by offering software and services to enhance their "Modern Life and Devices." The meaning of this is not entirely clear
-- Peter Bright

Other than my son's three (yes three!) Xbox consoles, there's not a lot that the company can do, to enhance my life. Microsoft will be happy to know that my company is a Google shop (hook, line & sinker!), but my group continues to use Outlook and Office, in defiance of the corporate goons. My home life is not nearly as set in its ways. Oldest daughter uses Google Docs for school, and I have Office on the "family" PC.

Subscription models may make sense in the corporate world, but for consumers? It's a bad deal. How are those cable subscriptions going?

-- Scrib

Fiber-Optic Bandwidth Results

I posted some cable screenshots in my Orbi review, but I basically went from 400 Mbps down / 12  Mbps up, on Cable (on a 400 Mbps plan) to 200 Mbps down / 200 Mbps up, on fiber-optic (on a 200 Mbps plan). I know most people don't have fiber on their street, but if you do it sure is worth it.

Netgear Orbi WiFi System

I mentioned last week that Amazon was running a deal on the Netgear Orbi mesh WiFi system, and I finally got a chance to install it. I currently run the generic Comcast/Cisco WiFi cable modem with a WiFi extender, upstairs. A mesh system eliminates all of the problems with the router/extender combo, including not having to manually switch networks and not losing bandwidth on the extender (a WiFi extender is about half the bandwidth of the parent network). With a mesh system, the WiFi is seamless all over the house. And it's fast.

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Amazon Deal on Orbi Mesh WiFi

I just picked-up this system, so watch for a review in the near future. This dual-satellite mesh WiFi system from Netgear is a pretty good deal, at $246 after the $40 coupon (applied on checkout). Now if they would just do a coupon on the Nintendo Switch....

-- Scrib

Griezmann L Celebration
Like 40 million other players around the world, my 14-year old and his “crew” are into Fortnite. As soon as they get home from school or a sporting event, they’re all online battling other teams or each other, in digital make-believe. I’d like to say that I don’t understand it, but that would be a lie. In my day it was the id Software games; Doom and Castle Wolfenstein. But in my day our characters didn’t dance.

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