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Apple's work on communications satellites and next-generation wireless technology means the aim is likely to beam data to a user’s device, potentially mitigating the dependence on wireless carriers, or for linking devices together without a traditional network.
-- Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Remember when Apple was the most secretive company in Silicon Valley? The pending transition to 5G is the perfect time to disrupt the telco's stranglehold on mobile connectivity, but can it be done with satellites? And can it be done quickly enough to offer a compelling alternative to 5G? One interesting facet of a satellite-based system is that oppressive governments will lose control of their regional Internet. If that happens, it will be the biggest technological revolution of the 21st century.

-- Scrib

UCLA graduate student Charley Kline got as far as typing in the first two letters of the word “login” when the network crashed. Hence, "Lo." Even with that abrupt ending, something big had just happened: Two computers, miles apart, had successfully communicated — a moment that many now consider the beginning of the Internet.
-- Carolyn McMillan, UC Newsroom

It took some 800 years from the invention of the English pound until you could buy coffee with it, and then a few hundred more years before it was accepted at Starbucks, so Bitcoin really is making relatively quick progress.
-- Matt Levine

"Eventually you're going to run out of rich people, right? And you've got to start targeting middle-class people, upper-middle class people," Nixon says. "I know people that have been SIM-swapped that have no clear indication as to why, aside from the fact that they get paid and they have a retirement account."
-- Martin Kaste, NPR

Our identities (generally) boil-down to just three things; our Social Security Number, our birthday and our phone number. One easy method of protecting a phone number (over and above assigning a PIN number to the account) is to use a Google Voice number for non-critical registrations, like social media.

-- Scrib