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Untappd users log hundreds, often thousands of time-stamped location data points. These locations are neatly sorted in over 900 categories, which can be as diverse and specific as "botanic garden." "strip club," "gay bar," "west-Ukrainian restaurant," and "airport gate." As the result of this, the app allows anyone to trace the movements of other users between sensitive locations...
-- Foeke Postma, Belligncat

When I started my career 3G was the hot topic, and every investor kept asking 'what's the killer app for 3G?' It turned out that the killer app for having the internet in your pocket was, well, having the internet in your pocket. But with each of those, we knew what to build next, and with VR we don't. That tells me that VR has a place in the future. It just doesn’t tell me what kind of place.
-- Benedict Evans

Named "New IP," this proposal consists of a revamped version of the TCP/IP standards to accommodate new technologies, a "shutoff protocol" to cut off misbehaving parts of the internet, and a new "top-to-bottom" governance model that centralizes the internet and puts it into the hands of a few crucial node operators.
-- Catalin Cimpanu, ZDNet

1. Use a Unique ID for Large or Public Zoom Calls
2. Require a Meeting Password
3. Create a Waiting Room
4. Make Sure Only the Hosts Can Share Their Screen

-- Jill Duffy, PCMag

There are some other good tips in there, too. As much as I hate to give this piece of malware the time of day, it appears to be the go-to service for schools trying to move their classes online, in an effort to salvage the year (west coast schools are unlikely to resume classroom instruction). A lot of teachers, like my sister, are getting a crash-course in technology. The kid's should probably be teaching them about online security!

-- Scrib

Surging Traffic Is Slowing Down Our Internet
More people at home practicing social distancing could impact internet speed
The internet is under huge strain because of the coronavirus

Anyone who has had cable internet knows that it slows down every day - at 5pm when people get home from work! During the day, cable internet is wide open and likely the only time you will ever see the actual download speed that you are paying for. Now that everybody is sequestered at home, we are just seeing during the day, what we used to see at 5pm. For those with fiber connections (vs. cable), there is no change at all. The world is not ending, and neither is the Internet.

-- Scrib

Every iPad has transformed into a Surface in recent years, and as of this week, the iPad Pro and Surface Pro look even more alike.
-- Tom Warren, The Verge

We run the gamut of use cases, in our family. My parents both have iPad Pro's that are their primary computing devices, so of course the keyboards make a lot of sense. Their iPad's also never leave the house. My son and I have older iPad 3's that are simple browsing appliances and, in my case, my Jeep's primary navigation display. Both of our iPads spend as much time out of the house, as in. I think it would be a mistake for Apple to cede the simple use-case market to Amazon.

-- Scrib