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On freedom:

If we believe that freedom means an environment where great ideas can take root, where they can grow and be nurtured without fear of irrational restrictions or burdens, then it’s our duty to change course, because your generation ought to have the same freedom to shape the future as the generation that came before.

On suppression of free speech:

We see it every day now, with every data breach, every privacy violation, every blind eye turned to hate speech. Fake news poisoning our national conversation.

Stanford University

I think that what this new generation of companies is doing - including Automattic, GitHub, Elasticsearch - they're saying, “Why should we constrain ourselves to only hire people that either live in or can commute within a 70-mile distance of the headquarters. That's silly. That is a geographic filter which takes out the vast majority of the talent and intelligence in the world. We can do better.
-- Matt Mullenweg