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We work with the world’s premier bookmakers to provide odds and thrilling wager opportunities, betting styles, and game options that are some of the best in the legal gaming industry. We are passionate about security, performance and customer service, and we are absolutely committed to responsible gaming.
-- Oregon Lottery

Come for the legal weed, stay for the state-sanctioned sports betting!

Newton is the chef and owner of Meals 4 Six Inch Heels, a delivery-only restaurant specifically marketed toward sex workers: strippers, dancers, and — eventually, Newton hopes — people who have sex for money. Customers reach out to Newton via Instagram message, ordering bowls with lemon-pepper couscous with Italian pickled vegetables or oven-roasted acorn and butternut squash with savory sauteed cremini mushrooms. Newton personally delivers bowls to clubs around town, from Lucky Devil to Sassy’s, as late as 2 a.m.
-- Brooke Jackson-Glidden, Eater Portland

Despite the privacy-safe assurances, data privacy and security experts question whether mobile location data, even when deidentified, is safe from re-identification if leaked, hacked or obtained by law enforcement. Others worry about the consequences of predictive modeling or machine learning techniques that determine with high levels of accuracy whether a simulated person might visit a particular location at a particular time.
-- Kate Kaye, GeekWire

Coast Cutlery and Gerber staked claims in Oregon in the first half of the 20th century. Kershaw, Leatherman, and Columbia River Knife & Tool followed their trail. Today, some of the United States’ most blade-friendly laws and a regional light-industrial-manufacturing and aerospace-industry supply chains (providing easy access to high-grade materials) have helped create the highest concentration of knife and hand-tool companies in the country—19 in the Portland metro area.
-- Chuck Thompson, Popular Mechanics

Craft beer isn't the only thing Portland is know for. Knife-making's "Widmere Brothers" was Joseph Gerber, who founded his company in 1939. Gerber would begat Kershaw Knives just 10 minutes down Upper Boones Ferry Road, and Kershaw would begat CRKT, 14 minutes down I-5, and so on. Like the Widmere Brothers, Gerber wasn't the first - but Gerber seeded an entire industry.

BridgePort Brewing

Just a few weeks after the Widmer Brothers announcement, another of Portland's original craft breweries is calling it quits.

Dear Friends of BridgePort,

Today we unfortunately announce that the BridgePort Brewery will cease brewing operations effective immediately, while the BridgePort Brew Pub will close effective March 10th, 2019. The decision to close was extremely difficult for all involved. Back in April 2017, declining sales caused the brewery to restructure its operations. However, sales and distribution continued declining in the extremely competitive craft beer market of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, which resulted in this final decision.
-- BridgePort Facebook page

It's not clear whether Burnside was struggling financially due to fierce competition in the craft brewing industry, which has led to slumping sales at a number of older breweries. In the last five months alone, Portland lost Lompoc's original location on Northwest 23rd Avenue, Portland Brewing's restaurant and tasting room, Widmer's pub and Alameda Brewing closed up shop completely.
-- Andi Prewitt, Willamette Week

Dear Widmer Brothers Friends and Family,

We are sad to announce that the Widmer Brothers pub will close its doors to the public today. This was a very hard decision to make, especially as we reflect on the pub’s past and plan an exciting future for the brewery, where our team will continue to brew your favorite Widmer Brothers beers.
-- The Widmer Brothers Pub 

Tugboat Brewing, Lompoc Tavern, Portland Brewing, Alameda Brewhouse and now Widmer. Sigh. Be sure to checkout the whole #FlagshipFebruary thing, and support your local breweries.

I suppose it's the natural progression of things - a lot of the original brewpubs are giving way to a newer, nimbler generation of craft breweries.

Portland Brewing's founders were among a group of brewers who in 1985 succeeded in getting Oregon law changed to allow brewers to also sell beer and food at the same site where they brewed. That cleared the way for the creation of brewpubs in Oregon.

Portland Brewing latest of city's first-generation brewpubs to close