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"We are micro monitoring network usage and watching the load on the network nationally and locally," the spokesperson said. "So far we have seen some shifts in usage patterns toward more daytime usage in areas that have moved to a work-from-home environment, but the overall peaks are still well within our network capability."
-- Eric J. Savitz, Barron's

"If we run the story, we will be kicked out of China," Winkler told the reporters on the conference call, according to the Times, which trumpeted the story of Bloomberg’s capitulation to the Chinese Communist Party on its front page on November 9, 2013. A few days later, as the story was making headlines around the world, Forsythe was suspended, in part for leaking details of the Bloomberg deliberations. Bloomberg editors didn’t explain Forsythe’s suspension or comment much other than to say that the story was still "active," implying that it needed more work.
-- Barbara Demick, The New Yorker

Coronavirus is upending college campuses, as schools including Harvard and Amherst move to online classes and tell most students not to return to campus.School communities will get pinched economically.
-- Janet Lorin, Bloomberg

Our daughter is taking a summer class which was going to cost us $3,800 for room and board (ouch!). Due to the Covid-19 breakout, though, the school has placed their foreign exchange student program on hold, freeing-up hundreds of rooms and cutting our bill in half (bonus!).

-- Scrib

It's very clear that the epidemic is global. Sars in 2003 lasted for six months, with about 8,000 people infected and over 700 deaths. It has only been more than two months since the Covid-19 outbreak, but more than 100,000 diagnoses have been confirmed around the world, and more than 3,000 people have died of it. The novel virus has developed into a global epidemic in such a short time, which indicates that this epidemic is far more severe than Sars.
-- Isabelle Li and Zhao Zuoyan, Straits Times