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Leading Swedish health experts claim the country has a falling coronavirus infection rate because it was one of the few that didn’t go into lockdown and has rejected the need for masks, while critics point to the country’s relatively high rate of death per 100,000 population.
-- Rupert Steiner, MarketWatch

Median age of countries listed in the article:
Italy: 45.5
Spain: 42.7
Belgium: 41.4
France: 41.4
Sweden: 41.2
U.K.: 40.5
USA: 38.1
Ireland: 36.8
Brazil: 32.6
Mexico: 28.3

1. 80911: Colorado Springs, Colorado
2. 43068: Reynoldsburg, Ohio
3. 14617: Rochester, New York
4. 02176: Melrose, Massachusetts
5. 04106: South Portland, Maine
6. 66614: Topeka, Kansas
7. 03051: Hudson, New Hampshire
8. 01602: Worcester, Massachusetts
9. 22152: Springfield, Virginia
10. 27604: Raleigh, North Carolina
-- Jessica Menton, USA TODAY

Half of the list are suburbs.

Schlafly Beer...announces the return of Pumpkin Ale and Oktoberfest, two award-winning seasonal staples for fall. Both are available now throughout fall across Schlafly’s distribution as well as the Schlafly brewpubs.
-- Brewhound

It's the middle of August, come on man!