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Almost 90 percent of beer sold in most places in America is handled by distributors whose primary customer is one of the two big brewers, giving AB InBev and Molson Coors outsize control over which beers appear on bar taps and in retail coolers.
-- Ron Knox, Slate

It was poured into a barrel that had been sawed in half and the sweet liquid could be separated and boiled with hops. After it cooled, yeast was added so fermentation could begin. Most beers were brewed with dark grains, and warm-fermenting ale yeast was pitched.
-- Gordon Kendall, The Roanoke Times

"Downtown Atlanta has seen great investment and is quickly becoming an entertainment destination," Pascal Desroches, chief financial officer at WarnerMedia, said in a memo to staff. "The CNN Center is of great value to a third party that specializes in such developments."

Designed to provide rapid ground mobility, the ISV is a light and agile all-terrain troop carrier intended to transport a nine-Soldier infantry squad moving throughout the battlefield. But the ISV must also be light enough, weighing 5,000 pounds or less, to be sling loaded from a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter and compact enough to fit inside a CH-47 Chinook helicopter for air transportability.
-- Alex Luft, GM Authority

1. Ford Ranger
2. Jeep Cherokee
3. Tesla Model S
4. Tesla Model 3
5. Honda Odyssey
6. Honda Ridgeline
7. Honda Passport
8. Chevrolet Corvette
9. Tesla Model X
10. Chevrolet Colorado

The list is a fun headline grab, but the details about USMCA at the bottom of the page are really interesting.
-- Scrib

In 22 states, people have begun to drive even more than they did in late February, before government stay-at-home orders began to take effect, according to INRIX, a traffic analytics firm based in Kirkland, Wash.
-- Katherine Shaver, Washington Post

Here is a screenshot of Sigalert for the Bay Area, at 6am on a Monday morning. Just a little red around the San Jose Airport, where the 87 merges with the 101. Prior to the pandemic, this thing would be lit-up like a Christmas Tree! Portland looks much the same.

-- Scrib

The [SnapChat] filter featured a pan-African flag background, was captioned with the words "JUNETEENTH" and "FREEDOM DAY," and prompted users to "smile." When the user smiled, chains materialized and broke.
-- Rebecca Alter, Vulture

Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Chicago have voiced outrage at the company after the facility offered employees “an authentic meal” of chicken and waffles in celebration of Juneteenth.
-- Annie Palmer, CNBC

Tesla's head of US HR sent an email to employees this morning saying they could take Juneteenth off. Some employees were already at work by the time they received the email. Then she clarified that it's unpaid time off.
-- Ryan Mac, Buzzfeed