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The minivan’s place in history is far loftier than it’s humble existence today. It was one of Chrysler’s most successful product debuts and helped save the automaker from total ruin in the 1980s. The unveiling of the first Chrysler minivans in 1984 is still considered a landmark moment in the history of the automotive industry.
-- Robert Ferris, CNBC

Though Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulations rescinded an emergency order shutting bars statewide in response to the pandemic, Broward County officials refuse to let the establishments reopen.
-- Megan O'Matz, Sun Sentinel

In 2000, Broward County was at the forefront of the Bush - Gore election recount fiasco that eventually ended-up in the Supreme Court. In the 2016 Trump - Clinton election, Broward County swung heavily for Clinton, who received 66.5% of the vote in the county - Scrib

As an environmental historian who studies the forests of the Pacific Coast, I don’t see this as an either/or choice. In my view, climate change and forest management practices both have contributed to today’s fire conditions, and reducing wildfire risks requires addressing both issues.
-- Steven Beda, The Conversation

The banner photograph on this page is 15 miles from my house -- Scrib

RV'ing in general has become increasingly popular over the past few years. And that's been especially the case recently, with the coronavirus keeping people away from shared lodgings. Now, even once-secluded spots are getting less secluded, especially if it's near a cell-phone tower. Not having running water or sewer access is one thing, but apparently no one wants to be away from the Internet.
-- Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN Business