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Short interest as a proportion of market capitalisation for the median stock in the S&P 500 index fell to 1.8 per cent at the beginning of this month, according to figures from Goldman Sachs, the lowest since the bank began tracking the data in the 2004. That compares to 2 per cent at the start of the year, and an average of 2.4 per cent over the past 15 years.
-- Richard Henderson, Financial Times

Traditionally, a rally in the Dollar Index has proven to be very beneficial for Managed Futures. That’s because it typically means the other currency markets are also moving with the same sort of depth. The other part of the reason managed futures tends to do well when the U.S. Dollar is trending, is because the U.S. Dollar index impacts almost all commodity futures markets simply because those markets are priced in the U.S. dollar. That means, for example, a falling U.S. Dollar can translate to rising prices in dollar denominated futures markets (all else being equal).
-- RCM-Alternatives

Layoffs and shop closures hit Seattle and Portland airports

Company to lay off 940 employees at Las Vegas’ McCarran airport

HMSHost may layoff up to 500 furloughed Hawaii airport food service staff

142 Anchorage and Fairbanks airport workers to be laid off permanently

Airport foodservice contractor may lay off 353 at Lambert

Layoffs, furloughs continue at Philadelphia International Airport with another 600 jobs affected

More than 200 employees of two airlines facing furloughs at Pittsburgh International Airport

Tampa International food concessionaire extends layoffs for over 100 employees

In-flight caterer Sky Chefs plans to lay off 278 at MSP airport facility

China's retail sales slipped in July, dashing expectations for a modest rise, as consumers in the world's second-largest economy failed to shake off wariness about the coronavirus, while the recovery in the factory sector struggled to gain momentum.
-- Fox Business

U.S. retail sales increased less than expected in July as consumers cut back on purchases of motor vehicles, and could slow further in the months ahead amid spiraling new COVID-19 infections and a reduction in unemployment benefit checks.
-- Reuters

It’s still way too early to tell what the long-term ramifications from the pandemic are going to be but one thing is for certain — it’s speeding up trends in the real estate market. I think we could look back at the pandemic as a turning point for the housing market.
-- Ben Carlson