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Is this the future of the fast food business model?

Free Candy Van

Burger King just launched an app-based subscription program that gives you one small coffee each day, for $5 a month.

which currently permits you to receive one (1) small cup of brewed hot coffee at any participating BURGER KINGĀ® restaurant each day during the corresponding month

Key word there is currently. Who's down for some free (okay, $5 a month) fries, along with that free coffee? The kids want McDonald's, but not when BK is giving free soft serve cones away to club members! I can see this taking off among all of the big fast food chains, as a way to hook customers into daily purchases, as opposed to just several visits a week.

Subscription revenue models are all the rage right now and to me, this one makes a lot of sense. There's a lot of competition in fast food, maybe more than any other business. So why not divert some of those advertising dollars into something that directly benefits the customer? I'm not going to BK for my free coffee, then over to McD's for the Egg McMuffin. I'm getting everything I need at one drive-up window!

-- Scrib