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This didn’t age well

World's best tech city

Two weeks ago, Bloomberg reported that New York City had usurped San Francisco as the world's leading tech city (never mind that Silicon Valley is a lot more than just San Francisco).

Scale is something New York can offer when you’re employing so many people, so there’s a real advantage there for large tech companies
-- Paul Tostevin, Savills World Research

Of course this week, Amazon announced that they were halting plans to establish a major presence in the city, which doesn't bode well for attracting other high-profile tech firms in the future.

Big tech has a larger impact on an area than most pundits give it credit for. Just look at Silicon Valley, Seattle, Austin and Los Angeles and you'll find thousands of innovative small startups that spun-off from big tech. Thousands.

New York City will be fine without Amazon, but it won't join the ranks of the major tech centers, which is evidently fine with New Yorker's.


Flash forward to July, and Reuters is out with an article on how the bulk of post-recession job growth is benefiting just a handful of cities, around the country.

In a ranking of 378 metropolitan areas by how their share of national employment changed from 2010 to 2017, 40% of the new jobs generated during that time went to the top 20 places, along with a similar share of the additional wages.

Job growth concentrated in handful of citiesWhere's the "world's best tech city"?

-- Scrib