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The emerging pipeline of IPOs indicates the potential for 2019 to be a record-breaking year

Here's a hint of optimism among the doom-and-gloom of this bear market. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Uber has countered Lyft's S1 filing, with a filing of its own. More important for the overall market, though, was this little tidbit:

Based on the pipeline of potential IPOs, which includes data-mining company Palantir Technologies Inc., Slack Technologies Inc. and Airbnb Inc., 2019 could be a record-breaking year for market debuts in terms of dollars raised. It could top the high-water mark reached in 2000, when tech companies raced to cash in on lofty valuations at the height of the dot-com boom.

This bodes well for the market and I'm pretty confident that we will see new all-time highs in 2019, so I think these companies have chosen a wise time to file their S1's. Would you invest in Uber? The WSJ says that Toyota got in at a $76B valuation and that they could go public at $120B. They're burning through cash faster than Tesla, which surprises me.

-- Scrib