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Tencent Stock Falls As Second-Quarter Revenue Misses

If you are going to miss, do it on a 3% down day! They actually met their number, but missed on revenue. I have a small position in Tencent and consider it one of my "core" holdings (i.e. not something that I trade). Tencent is like an ETF, but it holds a large number of private equity positions, and that really differentiates it from any other publicly traded product.

Its investment portfolio is roughly twice as big as its main Chinese rival Alibaba and dwarfs those of US peers such as Facebook and Google
-- Louise Lucas, Financial Times

I rarely add to a position when it is down, but I might be tempted if Tencent trades back into the $38 range, from December and January. Why own an Asia or China fund and pay an annual management fee when you can own Tencent and receive an annual dividend?

-- Scrib