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The Nike-Kaepernick story doesn’t add up

Air Max 1 USA 2003 vs. 2019

First of all, that's one ugly shoe! It was ugly in 2003 and it's still ugly, today. Of course this latest version is even uglier, because it sports a Betsy Ross flag instead of the regular flag:

Kaepernick reached out to Nike after learning they planned to release the sneaker to explain that the flag recalls an era when black people were enslaved and that it has been appropriated by white nationalist groups...

The shoe controversy has filled the airwaves and the interwebs all week, almost as if it was pre-planned for maximum effectiveness by Nike's (extremely talented) marketing group. Nike is releasing an entire 4th of July line this week, not just the Air 1.

Nike 4th of July Kobe X

Who's going to buy a pair of platform shoes over these hot 4th of July Kobe X's? Or the Kyrie 1? Or the LeBron 12? They're all really good-looking shoes, except the old Air 1. But somehow, out of all of these new shoe releases-that-were-not-released-yet, Colin Kaepernick found out one of them was going to sport a Betsy Ross flag. After the new line had shipped to retailers. The week before Independence Day. Timed to coincide with a big earnings-miss that management has seen coming, probably the entire quarter.

In the latest quarter the Dow Jones giant reported a 10% decline, with Nike missing analyst estimates for the first time in seven years.
-- Investor's Business Daily

It's all just a bit too convenient.

-- Scrib