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Whereas the GDPR harmonized and, in many countries, raised data protection standards, the DSA is not limited to one specific policy field, but aims to establish a comprehensive framework for how “digital services” operate in Europe. It will cover services ranging from Uber and Amazon to the App Store and Facebook, and its rules will span liability, competition, employment, and advertising.
-- Aline Blankertz and Julian Jaursch, Brookings Institute

Many small businesses have already adjusted to the absence of Amazon workers — along with those of many other downtown companies — and their appetites for coffee, food, an after-work drink and other services. But scores of others have succumbed, and business leaders said that without help, more will fail in the coming months.
-- Benjamin Romano, Seattle Times

The age of municipal decline, part deux

Based on the number of entries in the category, at The Great American Beer Festival:

Hazy India Pale Ale - 377 Entries
American-Style India Pale Ale - 355 Entries
German-Style Pilsener - 200 Entries
Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout - 199 Entries
Juicy or Hazy Imperial India Pale Ale - 192 Entries
Fruited American-Style Sour Ale - 180 Entries
Imperial India Pale Ale - 166 Entries
German-Style Koelsch - 162 Entries
American-Style Pale Ale - 156 Entries
Wood-and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer - 154 Entries

American-Style Strong Pale Ale came in 11th in popularity, with 149 entries - Scrib